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  1. Jai Vakeel Vocational Training And Rehabilitation Centre, Mumbai. (Since 1948)
    Aditya Birla Sheltered Workshop And Rehabilitation Centre (Since 2002)

Teacher Student Ratio is 1:10     Total No. of Students - 250

The school was started in the Vakeel’s residence in 1944. In 1948 we got a few students over the age of 18 and so started a Vocational Training Centre for them in the Vakeel’s garage.

Gardening, drawing, painting and carpentry were introduced. In 1956 when we moved to our Sewri campus a senior officer from the Salvation Army visited us and was very impressed with the work being done here.

He gave us our first desk loom and weaving as a vocation was started. 6 months later, the then British High Commissioner gave us funds for a Handloom. When Mr. Morarji Desai visited us, he suggested we do spinning with the commercial ‘Ambar Charkha’ (charkha used by Gandhiji, Morarji etc).

However our children could not mange 12 spindles and so we contacted the Spinning Association who then designed our 2 spindle charkha for us. Thus began a hugely loved and successful occupation, for the profoundly challenged.

Today, a child remains in School till the age of 18years . However, from the age of 12 they are taught pre-vocational skills and other generic skills based on their IQ, aptitude. and `motor co ordination.

At 18 the child moves on to the Vocational Training Centre where they continue their training in a specific job. After 3 years of training, at 21 years, those who can be placed in open competitive or self employment are placed accordingly, and those who cannot are employed by us in the Sheltered Workshop and are paid a nominal stipend for the products that they produce. They are all the proud owners of a Bank Account.

The Vocations taught are:
Agarbatti Making,
Paper Products like cards, gift
        envelopes, bags etc.

Candle Making,
Jewellery & Flower Making,
Home Management,
Sewing & Embroidery,
Envelope Making,
File Making

The primary purpose in the all these vocations is to impart therapy and incidentally useful products are made.

The Vocational Section was started in 1948. The Aditya Birla Sheltered Workshop and Rehabilitation Centre was set up in 2002 and was the first Sheltered Workshop of its kind. Till date it is the largest in India.

  1. What’s New!!!

We are pleased to announce that we now have a beautiful little shop area on our property to display all our products. Thanks to interior designer Sarjita Raiyani, who designed and conceptualised this little nook.

Also introducing new products like
Mukhwas (with Heart healthy sesame seeds and Flaxseeds, a great source of fiber and omega-3 fat)
Rose Candles
Gift Bags – Warli Art
Diwali Hampers – Gift your friends and family a whole lot of goodies made by our ‘special children’. Can be customized as per your requirements.

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  1. What’s New!!!

Thanks to the donation received from Shahpoorji Pallonji we have installed 2 weft winding machines in our loom section. This has resulted in higher productivity of our students, decrease in wastage and overall better quality control of output. Since the students will be consistently and constructively occupied they will not get bored and this will further prevent behaviour related issues.

To know more about our Products, call Neha or Purvi (022 2470 1231) at the VTC department Or email – vtc@theresearchsociety.org

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